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Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Do you ever just want to hear someone’s voice?  In this day of social media and text messages sometimes we can go for days or even weeks without hearing another person’s voice.  My house is very quiet with my husband gone.  He used to talk all the time about anything, and everything.  He would talk while watching a movie, he’d talk about what he was looking up on the internet, he’d talk about hunting, fishing, and what he was studying.  He would talk about church issues and God moments.  He always had a lot to say and we were always talking to each other.  Now, my house is quiet.  There’s little conversation going on or voices heard unless the television is on, or my kids and grandkids are visiting.  Sometimes, I just want to hear someone’s voice.  I get plenty of text messages during the day with people asking how I am or my family checking on me, but there comes a time when recorded messages or texts aren’t enough to satisfy me.  I want a real conversation with a live person so I can hear their voice talking to me!

I wonder if God ever feels that way about us?  I wonder if He longs to hear our voice talking to Him?

These last few months I have found myself praying in my mind instead of speaking them out.  I’m in this habit of thinking my prayers, probably because it helps me not get too emotional.  I’ve decided recently to train myself to talk to God out loud so He can hear my voice when I’m praying...walking through my house talking to Him. 

How long has it been since you talked out loud to God?  How long since you really carried on a conversation with Him and communicated your heart to Him?  I can only imagine how much He loves to hear our voices,…praying, worshipping, singing, praising!  Imagine the smile it brings to His face when He hears us talking to Him.

Maybe it’s time for us to let our voices be heard…by each other…and by God.  Maybe it’s time for us to lift our voices in praise and prayer to Him in our homes, in our cars, and even in the shower.  Let Him hear your voice loud and clear!!  And, I just wonder if something amazing will happen within us when we do!!

Psalm 100:1 (TPT)

Lift up a great shout to the Lord!  Go ahead and do it ---- everyone, everywhere!

Passionate for the cause of Christ,

Karen Urich

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